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A tribute to Dolphy..."The king of comedy"... famous Filipino comedian of the Philippines.

Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr. (born July 25, 1928), known by his screen name Dolphy, is a Filipino comedian-actor in the Philippines. He is widely regarded as the country's "King of Comedy" for his comedic talent embodied by his long roster of works on stage, radio, television and movies.

Dolphy was born on P. Herrera St. (Calle Padre Herrera) in Tondo district of Manila to Melencio Espinosa-Quizon, a ship mechanic, and Salud Vera Quizon (1904–1986), a home-based tailor, in 1928. He is the second of ten children. His siblings are Corazon, Josefina (Josie), Melencio Jr. "Junior" (1932–1969), Laura, Aurora (Auring), Jorge (Georgie), Jaime (Jimmy), Teresita and Jaime.

He started education in a public Grade School at the age of six where his favorite subjects were History and Arithmetic as he recalled in his biography.

His exposure to movies started while, as a young person, working inside the theater selling peanuts, watermelon seeds and jicama snacks, thereby he could watch limitless movies for free. Gone with the Wind was the first color motion picture film he saw.


He started as a struggling performer onstage during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. The late Fernando Poe, Sr. gave him his first break as a character actor. His comic talents became well known in the films, Jack en Jill and Facifica Falayfay. Soon, he made many comedy films, alongside fellow comedians, Pugo, Tugo, Babalu, Panchito, Ike Lozada and German Moreno. In 1966, as part of the comedy duo Dolphy and Panchito, he opened for the Beatles at Rizal Stadium in Manila. Even though their show was in Tagalog, Paul McCartney has said he was amused by their act.

He is best known for his character John Puruntong in the comedy sitcom John En Marsha with Nida Blanca. The series lasted for 17 years and ended in 1990.

After John En Marsha, he returned on TV to play Kevin Kosme (a play on the name of actor Kevin Costner) in the sitcom Home Along da Riles, of ABS-CBN, which was reinvented into Home Along da Airport.

In 2001, Dolphy and his sons Eric and Jeffrey Quizon all won the Prix de la Meilleure Interpretation (the equivalent of a Best Actor Award) in Brussels, Belgium for playing Walterina Markova in the movie Markova: Comfort Gay.

He currently appears in a show called John En Shirley which is a spin-off of John En Marsha with Maricel Soriano the only returning cast member from the show.

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How is he doing ..??

Dolphy resumes dialysis



Dolphy has resumed his dialysis treatment Saturday morning and his doctors say both his heart rate and blood pressure are in normal levels, Eric Quizon tells reporters in a press briefing. Video by’s Noy Morcoso III

MANILA, Philippines—Comedy King Rodolfo “Dolphy” Vera Quizon, who remains in “critical condition”, has resumed his dialysis treatment Saturday morning after his  creatinine level went up from 1.58 to 1.83, his son said.

In a press briefing, Eric Quizon said the dialysis treatment resumed around 8:30 a.m. with both his heart rate and blood pressure in normal levels.


National Artist Award has turned Political...


'National Artist award for Dolphy least of his family's concerns'
By Mike Frialde (The Philippine Star) Updated June 23, 2012 12:00 AM


MANILA, Philippines - A National Artist award being bestowed on veteran comedian Dolphy is the least of his family’s concerns, his son Eric Quizon said yesterday.

“If he (Dolphy) will be awarded, that’s good. We will be glad but nonetheless it’s the least of our worries. We are not thinking about it,” Quizon said.

The actor/director said the ailing comedian’s entire family is overwhelmed by the continuous show of love, prayers and support by fans and fellow members of the local showbiz community.

Dolphy, Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. in real life, remains confined at the Makati Medical Center where he was rushed last June 9. The veteran comedian, 83, was diagnosed to be suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

“We are not the ones demanding for the award but it is the people around him, but right now we only want our father to get better,” Quizon said.

Sen. Francis Escudero yesterday expressed support to calls to confer the National Artist award on Dolphy.

Escudero, however, said the initiative to nominate Dolphy should be left to those in the showbiz and arts industries. 

Escudero’s father, Sorsogon Rep. Sonny Escudero, is a member of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), which jointly administers the award.

“I am supporting it. But for now we should focus and pray for Dolphy who is in critical condition right now,” Escudero said over dwIZ radio.

Asked whether he would initiate the filing of a resolution to give Dolphy the National Artist award, Escudero said he hopes that the initiative will be made by the Comedy King’s colleagues.

“I am sure they already made the initiative. I already talked to many close friends of Dolphy, and they said to me that all efforts are being made on that award. I do not want to delve on those issues since it might become political,” Escudero said in Filipino.

“Let us leave it to the members of the showbiz industry,” he said.

Despite the strong clamor to declare Dolphy a National Artist, the NCCA said that they are bound to respect the process and the next set of National Artists would most likely be announced next year.

NCCA Planning Officer III Frances Alincastre said it is unlikely that they would be announcing the names of National Artists for this year since the process would usually take 18 months.

While they are aware of the strong clamor from the public and some government officials to recognize Dolphy, Alincastre said they would not be able to cut short the process.

Alincastre admitted that it was the first time for them to receive a clamor for an ailing person to be conferred the award since the NCCA was created in 1992.

She said the NCCA has already received several endorsements for Dolphy’s nomination as National Artist for the Film and Broadcast Arts category.


GMA News Online

Source HERE.




The Comedy King is dead.


Dolphy, or Rodolfo Quizon Sr., passed away Tuesday at 8:34 p.m., at the Makati Medical Center, thus ending one of the longest and most colorful lives and careers in Philippine show business history. He was 83 and about to turn 84 on July 25.



Dolphy starred in over 100 movies, including several reprising his lovable lead character in John en Marsha, a popular, long-running television show.


He is survived by 18 children by six different women.


After a flurry of confusing tweets Tuesday evening, his death was finally confirmed by a close family member, according to GMA News' State of the Nation.


The Makati Medical Center, in a statement issued to news media gathered outside the hospital, said that Dolphy succumbed to "multiple organ failure secondary to complications brought about by severe pneumonia, chronic cbstructive pulmonary disease, and acute renal failure."


Dolphy was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit on Saturday, June 9, after complaining of difficulty in breathing. His potassium level had also dropped.


The Philippines' Comedy King underwent several dialysis treatments while in the hospital. He also had at least two bouts of pneumonia, with the last one occurring only recently.

Because of his age, Dolphy’s immune system had weakened.

A vaudeville beginning


Before entering the movies, Dolphy first made a name for himself during the World War II years as a vaudeville dancer along with the late Bayani Casimiro.


From dancing, Dolphy got his break as an actor when he landed the role of a Chinese court witness in a theater play.


Dolphy’s antics in the play were a big hit and he became known as “Golay” – his first screen name.


In 1948, Dolphy was billed as Rodolfo Quizon in the movie “Dugo ng Bayan” (Nation’s Blood). He made a “guest appearance” in the movie which starred Fernando Poe Sr.


Dolphy’s big movie break came when Pancho Magalona brought him over to Sampaguita Pictures for the 1953 movie “Isang Sulyap Mo Tita” (A Single Glimps of you Tita).


In this movie, the name “Golay” was discarded for “Dolphy” which became a household name to this day.

From Tondo


Dolphy was born in Tondo, Manila on July 25, 1928. He was the eldest of 10 children: Corazon, Josefina (Josie), Melencio Jr. "Junior," Laura, Aurora (Auring), Jorge (Georgie), Jaime (Jimmy), Teresita and Jaime.


His father was Melencio Espinosa-Quizon, a ship mechanic, and his mother was Salud Vera Quizon.


The “puruntong shorts” (shorts with comically long pant-legs) were made famous by Dolphy’s character, John Puruntong, in the hit TV sitcom “John en Marsha.”


Dolphy (with Casimiro) worked as a dancer in Hong Kong and Japan, signing six-month contracts for the jobs. Dolphy saw himself as one of the first overseas Filipino workers.


Dolphy had 18 children by six different women: Six children with Grace Dominguez, four with Gloria Smith, four with Baby Smith, one with Vangie Tagulao, one with Alma Moreno, and two – of which one was adopted – with Zsa Zsa Padilla. Several of his children entered show business themselves, including actor-director Eric Quizon who was the most visible child in the last several weeks as the family spokesperson on Dolphy's condition.


Dolphy never married any of the women he was with, which he said was one of his life’s frustrations.


Dolphy and Zsa Zsa had planned to marry, but the plan fell through as Zsa Zsa’s annulment proceedings with her first husband were taking too long.

The producer


It was in the 1960’s when Dolphy established his production company, RVQ Productions. Its first project was a film adaptation of the hit TV sitcom “Buhay Artista” (An Actor’s Life).


Dolphy’s last movie was entered in the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival, “Father Jejemon.” He had a “special appearance” in “Rosario,” another 2010 MMFF entry.


On his 80th birthday in 2008, his biography “Dolphy, Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-isa” (Dolphy, I Didn’t Get Here On My Own) was launched. Proceeds from the book were given to a foundation that assists OFWs.


In 2008 Dolphy and Vic Sotto, known as the Comedy Prince, did a movie together called “Dobol Trobol.”


Dolphy is also famous for playing gay characters in movies like “Facifica Falayfay” (1969), “Fefita Fofongay, Sarhento Fofongay” (1973), “A... Ewan” (Oh…I Don’t Know) (1974), “Ang Tatay Kong Nanay” (My Dad The Mom) (1978), and “Markova: Comfort Gay” (2001).


Dolphy received his FAMAS Best Actor award in 1978 for his role in the movie “Omeng Satanasia,” which was produced by RVQ Productions.


For their roles in “Markova: Comfort Gay”, Dolphy and his children Eric and Jeffrey Quizon received the Prix de la Meilleure Interpretation award – the equivalent of a Best Actor Award – in Brussels, Belgium.

Controversy over National Artist debate


In the weeks before his death, there was intense lobbying by influential supporters for Dolphy to be conferred the title of National Artist, usually the result of an arduous government-sponsored process by a committee of experts.


Controversy ensued after National Artist for Theater Cecile Guidote-Alvarez revealed that a previous effort in 2009 to honor Dolphy with the title was blocked by Nicanor Tiongson, former president of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.


Tiongson struck back in a letter to the editor in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Monday, denouncing Alvarez for violating the confidentiality of the deliberations and denying that he was a decisive factor. But he acknowledged that he had opposed the recognition for Dolphy.


“I believed that the two icons he created for film and TV – the screaming gay and the happy-go-lucky poor man – have, in the majority of his movies, equated gayness with abnormality and mindless frivolity on the one hand, and romanticized or deodorized poverty on the other,” Tiongson, a respected cultural scholar, said in his letter.


For millions of others, Dolphy was simply a man who made them laugh and made many a heavy day so much lighter.


In 2010, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III awarded Dolphy the Grand Collar of the Order of the Golden Heart – the highest civilian award that a President can give – for his contributions to the entertainment industry and for his humanitarian efforts.

— Fidel Jimenez and Amanda Fernandez/Amanda Lago/KG/DVM/VS/ELR/HS, GMA News



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