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Jack Wagner, dancing with Anna Trebunskaya

Melissa Gilbert, dancing with Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Donald Driver, dancing with Peta Murgatroyd

1st Place

William Levy, dancing with Cheryl Burke

3rd Place

Sherri Shepherd, dancing with Val Chmerkovskiy

Katherine Jenkins, dancing with Mark Ballas

2nd Place

Gavin DeGraw, dancing with Karina Smirnoff

Martina Navratilova, dancing with Tony Dovolani

Roshon Fegan, dancing with Chelsie Hightower

Maria Menounos, dancing with Derek Hough

Jaleel White, dancing with Kym Johnson

Gladys Knight, dancing with Tristan MacManus

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Carrie Ann – 8
Len – 7
Bruno – 8






Carrie Ann – 8
Len – 8
Bruno – 8






Carrie Ann – 7
Len – 6
Bruno – 7






Carrie Ann – 9
Len – 8
Bruno – 9






Carrie Ann – 8
Len – 7
Bruno – 8






Carrie Ann – 9
Len – 8
Bruno – 9






Steamy, stunning, smooth and full of surprises, "Dancing with the Stars" kicked off Season 14 with what the judges called the best premiere night in the show's history, on Monday.

From the judges - and one professional dancer - who shouted their thanks to ABC for casting a Latin heartthrob, to another celeb whose graceful, opening moves were compared to the late, great Gregory Hines, the Season 14 premiere was filled with headline-making moments.


PLAY IT NOW: Cheryl Burke Dishes On The Single Life: What’s Her Type?


British opera darling Katherine Jenkins and professional dancer Mark Ballas had been rehearsing for the show in London, but what they brought to the Los Angeles stage was nothing short of show-stopping. And their seemingly effortless foxtrot, full of beauty, left the judges heaping them with praise.

"I think we all thought we were watching like two pros together. You were fabulous. Best first dance on the first episode, ever," judge Carrie Ann Inaba raved, as the two earned two 9s (from Carrie Ann and Bruno Tonioli) and an 8 (from Len Goodman).


VIEW THE PHOTOS: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 14 Portrait Shots


Earning 9s from the judges on a first dance is a rarity in the competition, but another celebrity - Jaleel White - hit the ballroom with such a sparkling foxtrot with partner Kym Johnson, that he too scooped two coveted 9s, and one 8 from Len.

"I thought I was watching the great Gregory Hines and as a compliment, it couldn't get better," Bruno said, as Jaleel bowed his head in gratitude.

But while Katherine and Jaleel were delightful and poised, it was two others celebs - and their pros -- who managed to raise the temperature in the studio.


VIEW THE PHOTOS: Jaleel White Over The Years: From ‘Family Matters’...


Model-turned-actor William Levy, who famously starred opposite Jennifer Lopez in her "I'm Into You" video last year, churned out a cha cha with two-time "DWTS" champ Cheryl Burke that brought the heat.

Show host Tom Bergeron had to wave his arms to quiet down the studio audience, who gave them a lengthy standing ovation, but Carrie Ann went one step further in her own critique.


VIEW THE PHOTOS: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 14 Rehearsals


"First of all, I would like to thank ABC for my job. Very much appreciate you, ABC," she said, sharing her emotions over William's cha cha, which earned the pair third place and 24 points. "You can dance... I really like the way you move!"

And Cheryl too couldn't help but express her gratitude for the hunk who hit the dance floor with his toned arm muscles on full display.

"Thank you, ABC," she shouted after the pair received their scores. "Thank you to the BBC! Thank you to all the producers for my job."

At 67, she's the oldest competitor on the show, but Gladys Knight showed she had pep, grooving to an animated cha cha with Nancy Grace's former pro - Tristan MacManus - back for his second season.

"The legend has got the moves!" Bruno raved. "You've got class; you've got sass, and you're a star - a real one. I salute you."

The legendary singer wasn't the only one with sass. Tying her 23-point score was "The View's" Sherri Shepherd, who whipped out a cheeky little foxtrot with another pro returning for his second go at mirrorball glory - Val Chmerkovskiy -- Maks' younger brother.

"What you brought is the joy of dance into this ballroom. I can sum it up in three words: Fun! Fun! Fun," Len said.

Val even managed to earn a few more points than Maksim Chmerkovksiy, who, alongside partner Melissa Gilbert, tied for the bottom of the leaderboard with Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff, and Martina Navratilova and Tony Dovolani.

Part of the problem might have been down to the complexity of the ballroom bad boy's routine, which the judges noticed was not the typical Week 1 faire.

"I've gotta say, I thought it was a very ambitious routine," Len told Melissa. "I thought you coped well with a difficult dance."

The first contestant to receive the boot will face elimination on next Tuesday's show.


The full leaderboard was:

- Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas took their foxtrot to a whopping 26/30

- Jaleel White and Kym Johnson performed a foxtrot, which earned 26/30

- William Levy and Cheryl Burke took their cha cha to a score of 24/30

- Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus tackled the cha cha and earned 23/30

- Jack Wagner and Anna Trebunskaya performed the foxtrot and earned 23/30

- Roshon Fagan and Chelsie Hightower took their cha cha to a score of 23/30

- Sherri Shepherd and Val Chmerkoskiy tackled the foxtrot and earned 23/30

- Maria Menounos and Derek Hough cha cha'd their way to 21/30

- Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd took on the cha cha and earned 21/30

- Martina Navratilova and Tony Dovolani tackled the foxtrot and earned 20/30

- Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy cha cha'd their way to 20/30

- Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff tackled the foxtrot and were scored 20/30

Mar 19, 2012

'Dancing With the Stars' kicks off with high scores

By Ann Oldenburg, USA TODAY
Updated 1m ago

It's back!

Dancing With the Stars, the show you love - and love to mock - returned Monday on ABC with that familiar theme song, tons o' spangles and jiggles, hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet; judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli; musical director Harold Wheeler and the band; spray tans for everyone, and a ballroom full of fans and semi-famous folks.

Photos:  See all the Season 14 stars

By Adam Taylor, ABC

So how did the fabulous lineupof stars and their pro partners do? Here's how the hoofing went down, with surprisingly high scores for a first night. Jaleel White and Katherine Jenkins are tied at the top spot of the leaderboard, while Melissa Gilbert, Gavin DeGraw and Martina Navratilova are tied at the bottom:

Jaleel White said "the biggest misconception people might have about me is that I'm clumsy." Urkel proved it with his charming foxtrot with pro Kym Johnson. Said Carrie Ann: "Smooth, smooth, smooth." Len said he "loved" the routine. "It had elegance. It had sophistication." Bruno said he felt like he was watching "the great Gregory Hines. Fantastic." Scores: 9, 8, 9 = 26

By Adam Taylor, ABC

Opera star Katherine Jenkins, in a lemon yellow gown, danced a shimmering foxtrot with USA TODAY blogger Mark Ballas. Len praised her "musicality" and "detail" throughout the dance. Bruno called it "exquisite. The style of impeccable." Carrie Ann said she was "fabulous. ... Really amazing." Scores: 9, 8,9 = 26("Highest score ever on a premiere event," said Brooke.)

About a half hour into the show Kate Gosselin tweeted:
I'm loving the dancing on @DWTS this season already! So glad I don't have to dance tho! Happy on my sofa! Lol #dwts

William Levy, called "the Mexican Brad Pitt" (although he is Cuban), drew cheers and screams from the crowd as he was introduced. The Latin heartthrob and partner Cheryl Burke steamed up the dance floor with a sexy Cha Cha. He got a lengthy standing ovation and Bruno called him "the hottest package of the season." Said a fawning Carrie Ann: "I'd like to thank ABC for my job. ... You can dance. ... I really like the way you move." Len praised his control, saying, "Well done." Scores: 8, 8, 8 = 24

By Adam Taylor, ABC

A smiling Sherri Shepherd and partner Val Chmerkovskiy danced a fun, elegant foxtrot. Said Carrie Ann: "I loved watching you dance." Len agreed: "Fun, fun, fun." Said Bruno: "It's the joy of dance - and you can move very, very well. ... You light up the room." Sherri squealed with delight. When Brooke asked how it feels to finally be dancing, Sherri said, "Short of birthing my child, this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I think I left a boob on the floor. Can somebody find it, please?" Scores: 8, 7, 8 = 23

Gladys Knight vowed she was here "to win!" She and partner Tristan MacManus danced a lively Cha Cha. Knight, in red, smiled and swished her way easily through it, earning her a standing ovation and cheers. Said Bruno: "The legend has got the moves. ... You are a star - a real one." Carrie Ann: "I am so honored you are on our dance floor!" Len praised her "naturalness." Scores: 8,7, 8 = 23

Roshon Fegan, a Disney star who prides himself on his hip-hop, had to master the Cha Cha with partner Chelsie Hightower. Fegan had no problem with the hip action and was clearly at ease on the dance floor, sliding around with Michael Jackson-esque moves. Said Bruno: "Laser sharp! ... It was unbelievable!" Carrie Ann called him "cool" and compared him to Jackson. Said Len: "The performance level was very high," but "technically low." Scores: 8, 7, 8 = 23

By Adam Taylor, ABC

Jack Wagner and Anna Trebunskaya danced a whimsical foxtrot that evoked a springtime picnic in the park as they wore coordinating turquoise outfits. (Chaz Bono was spotted in the crowd.) Said Bruno: "Beautifully acted!" Said Carrie Ann: "You can act, you can sing and boy, can you dance." Len was a little harsher: "Your technique is poor. Your footwork is haphazard... but I enjoyed your performance." Scores: 8, 7, 8 = 23

Tweeted Billy Bush:
Wagner solid out there! #dwts #ibackjack

By Adam Taylor, ABC

Maria Menounos, describing herself as a "dude" because she likes sports and not girly things like dancing, and partner Derek Hough took the floor for a Cha Cha. Said Derek in his opening segment: "I want as many mirrorball trophies as I have chest hairs - and that's four."

He pointed out Maria's annoying laugh, and Bergeron noted, "We can turn it into a non-alcoholic drinking game for you kids at home every time she laughs." All laughing aside, Menounos, who was the first to dance, looked great in her two-piece blue outfit. Len thought she provided a "great start to the show." Said Bruno: "You are so curvaceously delicious!" Both guys said she must learn to swivel her hips more. Said Carrie Ann: "That was a strong, solid Cha Cha." Scores: 7, 7, 7 = 21

By Adam Taylor, ABC

Donald Driver, wide receiver with the Green Bay Packers, danced a Cha Cha with Peta Murgatroyd. "It took me 13 seasons to win the Super Bowl. But I only have one shot at the mirrorball," he said.

Susan Lucci could be spotted right behind Bergeron as the crowd gave Donald and Peta a standing ovation for their fierce, aggressive moves. Said Carrie Ann: "You are nothing but charm..." Len said he had an "attack for the dance," adding that he got "overexcited at times." Said Bruno: "Energy. Power. Presence. You were like a rooster chasing around. ... The attitude is right, but you have to refine it." Scores: 7, 7, 7 = 21 (The audience booed, disapproving of the low scores.)

Tweeted Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert:
Donald Driver!!!!!! WORKING IT!!!!!!! #dwts

Gavin DeGraw and reigning champ Karina Smirnoff danced a gentle but unimpressive foxtrot (yes, he wore his little hat). Said Len: "You were a little bit stiff. It lacked musicality." Said Bruno: "You have to learn to link the moves." Cracked DeGraw: "I sometimes stiffen at the wrong times, too." Carrie Ann cited his "tenderness" but told him he hyper-extends his arms. Scores: 7, 6, 7 = 20

Tweeted Ricki Lake midway through the show:
Everyone is really good this season!!!!!! #DWTS. #goodtv. :)

A hot Maks Chmerkovskiy, with shirt wide open, Cha Cha'd with Melissa Gilbert, whose red curls were in her face the whole time, although most eyes were probably on her witch-like black outfit. Said Len: "I thought it was a very ambitious routine. ... You did very well with a difficult dance." Bruno said, "You can certainly grind it." Carrie Ann said she sees "great potential," adding, "great job." Scores: 7, 6, 7 = 20 (There was some booing in the ballroom.)

By Adam Taylor, ABC

Martina Navratilova took one look at the heels she had to wear and said, "Really?" (They weren't even that high!). "I"m just not that feminine. See these biceps? They're useless!" She said she hasn't "worn a dress in 20 years." But she put one on and looked pretty as she danced a graceful foxtrot with partner Tony Dovolani. Tennis great Chris Everett was in the crowd cheering her on. Said Carrie Ann: "You were so beautiful, so elegant and so refined." Len said it was "too careful." Bruno told her she "never looked better." Scores: 7, 6, 7 = 20

Tweeted Carson Kressley:
"Omg loving the martina navratolova #dwts makeover!!! #lovelove"

The stars will be back to dance again next Monday. The first elimination show will be March 27.



( and Katherine Jenkins cried after her dance ..aww )

Gayle Falkenthal

SAN DIEGO, March 20, 2012 –  Longtime fans of “Dancing With the Stars” are forgiven if they feel disoriented after watching the first week of Season 14 of “Dancing With the Stars.” No drama, no train wrecks, and dance routines that ranged from admirable to entertaining to inspirational, to say nothing of flat out hot.

Critics may have complained about the lack of star power or stunt casting among the twelve contestants this season ABC’s hit dance competition show, but they were not lacking for skills on the dance floor. It looked more like week six or seven, and the scores reflected it.

Contestants on “Dancing With the Stars” are usually relieved and grateful just to get through their first week routine. Last night, several stars were just shy of getting perfect scores of 10. There was no score lower than six given all night, and the judges even busted out a few nines, which is unprecedented.


Dancing With The Stars 2012: Urkel, Knight, Levy, Menounos hit the floor


What the Season 14 cast lacks in star power or reality stunt casting, it makes up for in potentially interesting personalities. Photo: ABC

Gayle Falkenthal

SAN DIEGO, March 19, 2012—The new “Dancing With the Stars” cast includes a music legend, the usual mix of ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s TV icons, a Disney kid, a telenovela star, and a football hero.

A new batch of twelve contestants on ABC’s hit dance competition show hits the ballroom dance floor Monday night for the first time in Season 14.

There is no stunt casting controversy that has gotten the show attention in past season with competitors like Bristol Palin, Chaz Bono, Cloris Leachman, or Tom DeLay. But the Season 14 cast includes some strong personalities, and the show has been known to reveal new sides and unknown talents among the participants.

Still, certain types of competitors tend to do extremely well on DWTS. Every single Olympic Gold Medal winner who has competed has made the final, and three of four have won: Kristi Yamaguchi, Apolo Anton Ohno, and Shawn Johnson. Two NFL players have won: Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward. Add race car driver Helio Castroneves and that makes six of 13 past winner professional athletes. Of the rest, there have been three singers (Drew Lachey, Donny Osmond, and Nicole Scherzinger), two soap opera stars (Kelly Monaco and J.R. Martinez), a model/host (Brooke Burke) and an actress (Jennifer Gray).

So while it’s fun to see reality stars, basketball players and comedians, they may do well but they don’t end up holding the Mirror Ball Trophy in the end.

The Season 14 Cast (left to right): Melissa Gilbert, Sherri Shepherd, Martina Navratilova, Maria Menounos, Gladys Knight, Jaleel White, Donald Driver, Roshon Fegen. Jack Wagner. Not pictured: Katherine Jenkins, William Levy. Photo ABC.

The professional dancer the contestants draw also makes a big difference. Show producers know the fans like certain dancers more than others, and will vote for them and their star partners even if they don’t perform all that well in a given week. If you draw Derek Hough (three time winner), Mark Ballas, Cheryl Burke, or Kym Johnson (two-time winners), you’ve got a leg up.

What the Season 14 cast lacks in star power, it makes up for in potentially interesting personalities. Who will shake it with style on the dance floor? I’ve divided the 12 contestants into three categories.

The Also-Rans (clockwise from left): Jack Wagner, Gladys Knight, Gavin DeGraw, Sherri Shepherd. Photo collage: ABC/TWTC.

The Also-Rans: These four aren’t likely to make it too far.

Gladys Knight, eight-time Grammy winning singer, age 67. Partner: Tristan McManus. Knight will be a sentimental favorite of the fans, but as we’ve seen season after season, ballroom dancing is physically demanding. Knight is dancing with Nancy Grace’s partner from last season. He’ll take her as far as she can go, but it won’t be to the finals.

Sherri Shepherd, actress and co-host on “The View,” age 44. Partner: Val Chmerkovskiy. Shepherd has wanted to be on the show for a long time, and finally got her wish. I hope she enjoys her brief stay.

Jack Wagner, actor, “Melrose Place” and “ General Hospital,” age 52. Partner: Anna Trebunskaya. If Wagner’s fans are watching, he might hang in there for a few weeks longer than deserved. Otherwise this soap star will go down the drain.

Gavin DeGraw, pop singer, age 35. Partner: Karina Smirnoff. DeGraw will need to channel the romance behind his hits “I Don’t Want to Be” and “In Love With a Girl” to have a shot. He’s paired with last season’s champion, Smirnoff. But will he repeat the disaster that was Michael Bolton on the show?

The Jury Is Out (clockwise from left): Jaleel White, Katherine Jenkins, Martina Navratilova, Melissa Gilbert. Photo collage: ABC/TWTC.

The Jury is Out:

Martina Navratilova, tennis champion, age 55. Partner: Tony Dovoloni. Navratilova may have dominated on the tennis court, but the dance floor may be another story. Another tennis player, Monica Seles, flopped on the show a few seasons earlier. Navratilova is looking great from her publicity photos, and she might surprise us. Or she might be another Hope Solo, unable to connect with her partner or the audience.

Katherine Jenkins, Welsh opera star, age 31. Partner: Mark Ballas. Jenkins is well –known in Great Britain and Europe, and she has been a reality show contestant before, on the British version of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” But without much fan base here, she’ll either have to be an amazing dancer or rely on the popularity of her partner, Mark Ballas.

Melissa Gilbert, actress, “Little House on the Prairie,” age 47. Partner: Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  Half-Pint no more, it’s been 29 years (!) since Ingalls was regularly on TV.  Gilbert reminds me of singer Chynna Phillips from last season, a tall beautiful woman over 40, who could never loosen up enough to dance well. But Maks has a loyal legion of fans and she may end up lasting a few extra weeks.

Jaleel White, actor, age 36. Partner: Kym Johnson. A generation of fans know him as Steve Urkel, the ungainly geek from the TV series “Family Matters.” This is the one contestant who will surprise a lot of people. He’s young, tall and paired with a talented, smokin’ hot partner. But will the fans be able to see past the geek to the adult dancer? Or will they love him so much they won’t care how he dances?

The Contenders (clockwise from upper left): William Levy, Maria Menounos, Rashon Fegan, Donald Driver. Photo collage: ABC/TWTC.

The Contenders, Not Pretenders:

Donald Driver, football player, age 37. Partner: Peta Murgatroyd. The wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers follows a long line of players who have done well on the show. Their work ethic and fitness goes a long way, and their fan base keeps them in contention until they start winning on their own merits. Driver needs to apply himself to do well.

Maria Menounos, talk show host, age 33. Partner: Derek Hough. Menounos is following in the footsteps of her hosting partner on “Extra,” Mario Lopez, who competed on Season 3 and placed second to Emmitt Smith. Menounos has a fan following and she’s been partnered with the show's most successful pro, Derek Hough. It’s hers to lose.

William Levy, telenovela star, age 31. Partner: Cheryl Burke. You might not know Levy’s name, but he’s a superstar of Spanish-language reality TV and the soap operas so popular in Mexico. In the U.S. he’s appeared in music videos with Jennifer Lopez. How hot is Levy? He’s called the Brad Pitt of Mexico. His partner, Cheryl Burke, helped make a household name out of another relatively unknown hottie, Gilles Marini, and put him in the finals. The show’s fans will love this guy, and Burke has already complimented his dancing skills in interviews.

Roshon Fegan, Disney Channel actor, age 20. Partner: Chelsie Hightower. Never count a Disney kid out. Since Disney owns ABC, the network of the show, expect a ton of cross promotion. Fegan is as cute as they get, and his partner is equally cute. Previous Disney Channel contestants Kyle Massey and Chelsea King both made it to the finals, and so will Fegan.

So why do stars who have enormous success in other fields agree to compete on “Dancing With the Stars,” risking public embarrassment and rejection despite a lot of hard work? In the case of Gladys Knight, one of the music world’s most respected stateswomen: because "The Pips never let me dance."

“Dancing With the Stars” debuts Monday night, 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Time, and airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on the ABC Television Network.


'Dancing With the Stars' Real-Life Partners

Now that the stars have taken their initial turns on the dance floor during last night's season premiere of "Dancing With the Stars," the audience will be watching to see who's cheering them from the sidelines.

They may see some well-known exes and some not-so-well-known real-life partners. Both Jack Wagner and Melissa Gilbert went through well-publicized breakups last year, while NFL star Donald Driver renewed his vows with wife Betina Driver on their 10th anniversary in 2010.

Betina and the couple's three children, Cristian, Christina and Charity, have accompanied Driver to Hollywood for what they hope will be a long stay.

"I think the nation will discover that he is a pretty good dancer," Betina told Green Bay, Wis., ABC affiliate WBAY. "Yes, they know about his smile, his wit, but they're going to find out pretty quick that he's pretty good and dedicated."

That dedication took Driver from homelessness and drug dealing as a teenager in his hometown of Houston to the 2011 Super Bowl, where he helped the Green Bay Packers clinch a victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers as their all-time leading receiver.

College sweethearts, the Drivers met in the weight room at Alcorn State in Mississippi, where Donald offered Bettina training tips. "He was really into me," she told "And he would always let me know how much he enjoyed being with me and what he saw for our future. He was just really, really sweet."

They've come a long way since those first dates when Donald Driver had so little money that a date would be a trip to McDonald's, where they'd share an order of fries. In 2001, the couple started the Donald Driver Foundation, to help the homeless find places to live and to give them tools and resources for improving their lives. His children also inspired him to write three children's books based on the character "Quickie," his childhood nickname.

As for the real-life Quickie, Driver is learning to slow down on the dance floor, unlike on the football field.

"In certain things Quickie has quick feet, so Quickie thought the quick step would be good, but sometimes you've got to go slow in the quick step," he told WBAY. "But I'm having a lot of fun doing it."

Click through to see other real-life partners, as well as exes, of the "Dancing With the Stars" contestants.

Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy

Jaleel White, who played the iconic Urkel in ABC sitcom "Family Matters," has had his own real-life family matters. In 2010, the 34-year-old actor was embroiled in a custody dispute with Bridget Hardy, the mother of his younger daughter. She filed a police report, claiming he assaulted her while they were driving with the baby in the car. His rep told TMZ at the time, "There was absolutely no battery ... no abuse ... and the incident never happened. This is just a ploy in an ongoing custody battle over their young daughter to tarnish his name."

Glady Knight and William McDowell

Soul singer Gladys Knight's marriage to William McDowell is a proof that an older-woman, younger-man union can work. The couple knew each other for 14 years before they began dating. Whenever she went to La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, Calif., she enjoyed talking to McDowell, who was the spa's director. But Knight never thought McDowell, who is 15 years younger, was interested in more than just friendship until her third marriage ended and they began a long-distance courtship, mostly by phone. "It warmed my heart that he would be interested in me," Knight told Ebony magazine in 2003. The two waited until their wedding day on April 12, 2001, to share their first kiss.

Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear

Jack Wagner went through a difficult breakup with his former "Melrose Place" co-star, Heather Locklear, last November. A source told ABC News that Locklear, who has been married twice before, decided she didn't want to walk down the aisle again. But Wagner did, which caused big disagreements between the couple until Locklear called off their three-month engagement. Though he lost his fiance, he gained a daughter -- one he never knew he had. Kerry, who has not publicly released her last name, is expected to be cheering on her father from the audience. The 23-year-old Florida dance instructor was given up for adoption at birth and recently tracked down Wagner. Speaking to People during a break in "Dancing" rehearsals, he said, "She's the new light in my life, as well as my sons, and I'm really grateful to her for having the courage to find me."

Katherine Jenkins and Gethin Jones

Newly single Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins can commiserate with Wagner. She and former fiance Gethin Jones broke off their engagement just two months ago. They met four years ago on another dance show, the BBC's "Strictly Come Dancing," where he is a host. "I'm not yet ready [to date]," she told People. "It's all too soon. But I think it's great to have a new physical challenge, something to throw myself into." Jenkins dismissed rumors that she and dance partner Mark Ballas are already an item. "It's insane," she told People. "I cannot believe how quickly those rumors started."

Maria Menounos and Kevin Undergaro

"Extra" co-host Maria Menounos has managed to keep her longtime boyfriend Kevin Undergaro under wraps but that could change during her stint on "Dancing With the Stars." An independent filmmaker, Undergaro is also Menounos' business partner, and together they have produced and directed "In the Land of Merry Misfits" and "Longtime Listener." They also created the charity Take Action Hollywood.

Martina Navratilova and Julia Lemigova

Since 2009, tennis great Martina Navratilova has been linked to Julia Lemigova, a one-time beauty queen, model and entrepreneur from Russia. Navratilova has referred to Lemigova as her "drop dead beautiful" girlfriend. Lemigova, who speaks Italian, English, Russian and French, has lived in Paris since the 1990s, owns cosmetics firm White Russia and founded the Joiya spa in Paris.

Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner

Melissa Gilbert, who famously played Laura Ingalls on that quaint family drama "Little House on the Prairie," dealt with her own real-life family drama last year, when she filed for divorce from Bruce Boxleitner, moving to end their 16-year marriage five months after they announced their separation. In addition to their 15-year-old son, Michael, Boxleitner and Gilbert have another son, Dakota, from her previous marriage to actor Bo Brinkman, and two other sons, Sam and Lee, from Boxleitner's first marriage to actress Kathryn Ogilvy.

Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally

While Gilbert was ending her marriage, Sherri Shepherd was saying "I do" to television writer Lamar Sally. The couple tied the knot in August 2011 after dating for more than a year. It's the second marriage for "The View" co-host who divorced Jeff Tarpley, with whom she has a seven-year-old son, Jeffrey, in 2009. "This man not only loves me, but he adores my son," Shepherd said about Sally on "The View" in January. "And my son adores him."

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez

Known as the Latin Brad Pitt, Cuban-born model and actor William Levy has been on/off with longtime partner Elizabeth Gutierrez, a Mexican-born actress and the mother of their two children. Last May, she sent a press release to the Hispanic press, saying she was leaving Levy for good because she had "too much respect for herself and her children" amid rumors of Levy's infidelity. But last week during a break in "Dancing" rehearsals, Levy and Gutierrez were spotted at a restaurant holding hands. So perhaps, they are on again.

...just a few more stuff...

zap2it on the scene

'Dancing With the Stars': Katherine Jenkins is the hands down favorite!

Katherine Jenkins Mark Ballas.jpgZap2it was live on the scene for the premiere of "Dancing With the Stars" and we got a chance to speak with one of the best dancers of the evening, opera star Katherine Jenkins. This lady was a vision in yellow. In fact, she looked like she should have been on "Smash." She got a score of 26, tying with Jaleel White for the top spot.

She was so fantastic that the judges said it looked like two professionals when she hit the stage with partner Mark Ballas. She tells us that she's almost never danced. "I took some tap when I was a kid," she laughed. "But that is it. This is very far removed by what I do on stage."

Ballas says, "She is the sweetest girl I've ever met in my life. We've had a wonderful time, actually. I got to train in London, which was awesome. I thought tonight was a great night." Ballas spent 20 years in England and Jenkins said that he teases her about her Welsh accent."

Jenkins says that she and Ballas should sing together. He sang to her backstage. "The first time I heard him sing with his guitar, I was literally blown away. He has a beautiful voice." These two have quite the chemistry.



Filipino-American musical artist, songwriter, producer and actor Roshon Fegan has joined the cast for the 14th season of the popular ABC show “Dancing with the Stars.” The announcement was made live last week on “Good Morning America.”

The 20-year-old Disney star is the youngest among this season’s batch of star dancers.

He will be competing for the mirrored ball trophy against others like tennis legend Martina Navratilova, NFL wide receiver Donald Driver, former young actor Jaleel White, Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert and country singer Gavin DeGraw. Roshon will be dancing with Chelsie Hightower.

On Wednesday, March 8, he tweeted from rehearsal, “Just got out of a bomb rehearsal for #DWTS with @chelsiehightowr. Can’t wait to get this thing tight. Yerp.”

“I am very excited to be a part of this season. I have my work cut out for me,” Roshon told the Asian Journal in an exclusive interview the same afternoon that the new cast was announced. He said he is looking forward to learning all the dances – from foxtrot to cha-cha, from rhumba to tango.

Roshon admitted that he is a big fan of the show, and that he really wanted to be a part of it.

“I know I am prepared for the challenge. I am walking into a whole new realm. My partner is very nice. It should be fun,” he added.

He also admitted to being quite star-struck when he met his competition, among them, one of his life-long idols Gladys Knight.

“She is amazing. Being just around her gives me goosebumps. She is an inspiration to a lot of us,” he said. “My dad introduced me to her, she is a great woman, a living legend at that and I just admire her so much.”

Born in Los Angeles to Roy Fegan and his Filipina wife Cion, Roshon has been in the business for as long as he can remember. He believes his stint in a host of Disney TV shows have prepared him for the bigger world that he is about to explore and conquer now.

Asked to give his message to his fans, not only in the U.S. but also in the Philippines, Roshon said, “Thanks for all the love. I can’t wait to visit the Philippines because it is a big part of me and my heritage. I have a lot of family there.” He said he loves hanging out with his maternal grandmother, aka Lola, who is also based in Los Angeles.

Because of his Disney connection and his age, Roshon is hoping that his young fans will continue to support him like they have been supporting him in his career before.

“I do hope that the younger viewers do tune in and it would be nice to learn that they are tuning in because of me,” he added.

Roshon has been performing his new track “Top of the World” off of his recently released EP “I AM RO·SHON” in various shows in Los Angeles. The EP contains two new tracks written and produced by Roshon: “Got Me Like” and “Top of the World,” that fuses a unique universal sound of Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Funk and Electronic Dance music all into one.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Roshon discovered at the young age of four that he had an undying passion for entertaining people. Most widely recognized for his roles on the Disney Channel, this musical artist, songwriter, producer and actor currently stars on the Disney Channel original series “Shake It Up!” as Ty Blue.

Prior to this role, he gained popular notoriety as Sander Loyer in the Disney Channel original movie “Camp Rock.” He also performed songs on the “Camp Rock” soundtrack as well as the DVD bonus track “Camp Rock.” And then in the summer of 2010, he reprised his role as Sander in the sequel “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.”

It was during his stint with Camp Rock that he became friends with fellow Filipino-American Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, who is now making waves on Broadway, with her star-making role on Godspell.

“I can’t wait to visit her in New York and watch her on Godspell, I heard she’s doing really great,” Roshon said. “if for anything, we all know that Filipinos love to sing and perform in theater. Now, we are also showing people that we know how to dance.”

This 20-year-old triple threat and entrepreneur aims to evolve music with his imagination and vision that takes you into his world of lyrical and melodic adventures with every song. He writes and produces all of his own music under his independently owned record label, 3inaRo Entertainment, where he serves as CEO.

The label name “3inaRo” (pronounced “three-in-a-row”) is a reference to  Roshon being a triple threat entertainer in his three passions: acting, dancing and music. For more information, exclusive updates and more visit; or follow him on Twitter @roshon.

The stars, the drama, the glamor and the glitter are indeed back on ABC! “Dancing with the Stars” returns for Season 14 on Monday, March 19 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET) with a sensational two-hour season premiere, then on Tuesday, March 27, with the premiere of “Dancing with the Stars the Results Show” (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET).









William Levy has been getting hearts racing since his debut on Latin soap operas, but it was his debut this week on "Dancing With the Stars" that has him poised to become quite popular with U.S. viewers, too. Along with his partner Cheryl Burke, Levy scored an impressive 24 out of 30, cha-cha’ing his way into second place. However, “Team Fuego” didn’t just win over the judges with the dance that originated in his own country of Cuba; the audience could be heard screaming and applauding even before the performance started.


A wildly-loved romantic actor wildly loved by his Spanish-speaking fans, Levy has become better known as Jennifer Lopez's lover in her 2011 music video "I'm Into You." With the face of a Greek god and a body that doesn't stop, the "Brad Pitt of Mexico" is looking forward to competing for the mirror-ball trophy.

Of his participation in "DWTS," Levy told People en Español, "I'm not a professional dancer, but... when I put my mind into doing something, I give it 100%, especially in a competition where I'll be dancing to raise funds that will help Latin American children."


Click HERE to know the five reasons why you should check him out as he competes for the mirror-ball trophy in Dancing With The Stars.

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