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Mark Anthony-no high note not gonna happen


Yeah,  the high notes didn't  come........

How 'bout this, BonjouErnie...a rockin'  momma with her family practicing on "Separate Ways", with a little  sort of tantrum from the  the lead guitarist...very interesting to watch !...Am inspired to try it at home too...!  LOL !



Another interesting performance of a Journey song  by an artist.......

Ning i think the lead guitarist has arthritis can't move finger fast enough,the other one 4 hearts.
this pinoy i think sounds good twa's posted here long ago..


Hehehe ! Arthritis o rayuma ! The guy  can really sing..but I wonder if he can last  performing for  at least 1 1/2 hours...


How about this one BonjouErnie... This is kinda cute...rendition of "Faithfully" Chinese Anita Mui uploaded by WinterwOOd.......Beautiful !  I am inspired to produce the Tagalog version...!

Very nice version ning,hope you do the tagalog version,someone did it but i lost the site when my pc stb

music is universal talaga parang ulam, it's good when done right 

Hi Ernie & Ning!


Here's a Tagalog version of "Open Arms."  But it is a Mariah Carey version, not SP or AP.




Hi Tita Pat..  Nice piece you have posted here !  Really cool and soothing voice of Roselle ala Maria smoothly vibrating even as it goes from bass to higher notes and lyrics that caress the heart !

... BonjouErnie, I wish I have that voice so I can do the Tagalog version of "Faithfully"...ahemmmm...pero yon nga, wish ko lang yon, cuz  yunno, I'm afraid you might lose not only the site,  but your appetite to hear that song again  !!   At any rate,  I am trying to come up with the lyrics....LOL !


Tita Pat said:

Hi Ernie & Ning!


Here's a Tagalog version of "Open Arms."  But it is a Mariah Carey version, not SP or AP.


Nice find tita pat,ning might do faithfully in tagalog version 2011 but it's in wish list..
talking about this man,got the journey lead singer but neal schon change his mind.glad he did for he lost his shoes and soon voice...

air force cover missing drums,piano etc..low budget..

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