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TACKY HOLIDAY LIGHTS: Let there be lights; and MORE lights; and EVEN MORE lights!


Let there be lights, and MORE lights, and EVEN MORE lights.

Join Bill Geist aboard the Tacky Lights Tour bus to see the best and brightest in extreme Christmas decorating.


It starts innocently enough with a few flickering lights on a tree, maybe an ornamental reindeer or a plastic Santa, and before you know it you've got hundreds of thousands of lights covering your house and trees, glowing characters and cutouts blanketing your lawn - and tour buses driving past your home.

It seems outdoor Christmas decorating is addictive and you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere with more evidence of that than Richmond, Va., where it takes at least 40,000 lights to qualify for the list of more than 60 houses so far on the Tacky Lights Tour.


And yes, tacky is considered a compliment!



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